Online Communication Degree

American InterContinental University
| AA in Business Administration - Visual   Communication
| BA in Visual Communication

American InterContinental University - The Associate and Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication degree program is designed to educate and to develop artistic and imaginative students for careers in the fields of commercial art and design.
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Amridge University
| BS Business Administration -
  Information Communication
| Bachelor of Science in Management
Amridge University - The focus of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Information Communication Concentration program is on information communication and interaction.
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Ashford University
| BA/Communication Studies
| BA/Org Mgmt - Communications
| BA/Social Science - Communications

Ashford University - Ashford University. Stretch your skills while enhancing your understanding of modern communications. BA/Communication Studies makes a good fit if you are pursuing a professional career in human resources, business and communications management, public policy and administration, journalism, or the media.
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Grand Canyon University Online
| Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Grand Canyon University Online - Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Arts in Communications program develops leaders in the fields of human communication and media. The program is built on a values-based liberal arts foundation.
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Lincoln College Online
| Bachelor Degree: Integrated Marketing
  Communications & Design
| Associate Degree: Network Commu.
  & Information Systems with Microsoft
Lincoln College Online - The Integrated Marketing Communications and Design bachelor's degree program is designed to prepare the student with a strong foundation on which to build a successful career in marketing, communications or design.
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Quinnipiac University
| Master of Science in Interactive

Quinnipiac University - Interactive Communications focus on the creation and analysis of digital media content for professional media production companies and similar firms. In learning how to produce story text, graphics, audio, video, animation, and interactive elements.
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DeVry University Online
| Bachelor of Network & Communications   Mgmt;
| BBA - Technical Communication
| BS in Network and Communications    Management;

DeVry University Online - Earn your bachelor's degree in Network and Communications Management (NCM) from DeVry University, and you'll become skilled in ethernet-enabled voice-operated IP systems, security firewalls, and next-generation network administration.
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University of Phoenix Online
| Associate of Arts in Information
  Technology : Visual Communication

University of Phoenix Online - The Associate of Arts degree in Information Technology is designed to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in a variety of workplace settings.
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Walden University
| BS CIS - New Media Communication Technologies
| BS Comm - Marketing Communications
| BS Comm - New Media
| BS Comm - Online Work &Communities;
| BS Comm - Organizational Comm
| BS Comm - Public Relations
| BS Comm - Self-Designed
| BS Health Studies - Health Comm
| BS Public Health - Health Comm

Walden University - Walden's B.S. in Communication will help you strengthen your communication skills and enhance your effectiveness in corporate, nonprofit, public sector, and community settings.
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