Online Criminal Justice Degree

American InterContinental University
| Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice
| Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

American InterContinental University - AIU Online Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree features a concentration in Criminal Justice Administration. This degree program combines the real-world business skills taught in our university's AABA degree program and applies them to specific knowledge of the field of criminal justice.
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Amridge University
| Bachelor of Science in Public Safety and
  Criminal Justice

Amridge University - This program integrates courses in human relations, human justice, organization, communication, and leadership to provide the student with the background necessary to be upwardly mobile within the organizational structures of public safety agencies, community nonprofit organizations, and church organizations.
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Argosy University Online
| BA - Psych - Criminal Justice
| Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Argosy University Online - The goal of the program is to build a broad understanding of social sciences theory and the application of these theories in real-world environments. The degree can prepare you for graduate study in psychology fields such as counseling and family therapy.
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Ashford University
| BA/Org Mgmt - Criminal Justice
| BA/Social & Criminal Justice
| BA/Social Science - Criminal Justice

Ashford University - Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice (BASCJ) degree to enhance your understanding of the criminal justice system and the impact social issues have on maintaining a just society.
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Boston University
| MS - Criminal Justice

Boston University - The Boston University Online Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) is designed specifically for the working law enforcement professional who seeks to achieve distinction by blending practical experience with scholarly achievement.
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Bowling Green State University
| Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Bowling Green State University - The Master of Science in Criminal Justice, offered by Bowling Green State University, emphasizes the development of individuals for leadership roles in criminal justice agencies, while providing those students who wish to continue their academic career with a solid base upon which to pursue doctoral level study.
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Capella University Online
| MS - Criminal Justice
| Bachelor's - Criminal Justice

Capella University Online - This online master's in Criminal Justice specialization covers such topics as human behavior, the corrections and judicial systems, social change and public policy, ethnic and cultural awareness, and contributing factors such as addiction.
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Colorado Technical University Online
| Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
| Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
| Master of Science in Management -
  Criminal Justice

Colorado Technical University Online - The Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare students to enter the criminal justice profession in a variety of first-tier positions. Students will be exposed to the foundational areas of the discipline: investigation and law enforcement, law and courts, and corrections and parole.
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Florida Tech University Undergraduate
| AA Criminal Justice
| BA Criminal Justice

Florida Tech University Undergraduate - Florida Tech's Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree prepares you for a career in many local, state and federal positions, and for graduate study in criminal justice and related fields including law.
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Kaplan University Online
| A.A.S. in Criminal Justice
| B.S. in Business Admini - Criminal Justice
| BSCJ - Computer Crime
| BSCJ - Corrections
| BSCJ - Forensic Psychology
| BSCJ - Homeland Security
| BSCJ - Juvenile Justice
| BSCJ - Law Enforcement
| BSCJ Administration and Management
| BSCJ - Crime Scene Investigation
| M.P.A. in Criminal Justice
| M.S. in Criminal Justice
| MSCJ - Global Issues in Criminal Justice

Kaplan University Online - The Kaplan University online Master of Science in Criminal Justice program is designed to help prepare working law enforcement, other criminal justice professionals, and active military personnel to pursue career advancement.
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Keiser University eCampus
| AA - Criminal Justice
| BA - Criminal Justice
| MA - Criminal Justice

Keiser University eCampus - Keiser University offers an Associate of Arts, BA, MA degree with a major in Criminal Justice online. If you are interested in a career in law enforcement, Homeland Security, forensic science or related fields in current criminal justice issues such as law enforcement operations, the courts and correctional institutions.
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Lincoln College Online
| Bachelor Degree: Criminal Justice
| Associate Degree: Criminal Justice

Lincoln College Online - The Criminal Justice and the Study of the Criminal Mind program is a comprehensive, fully online, degree granting program designed to provide students with a solid foundation in Criminal Justice.
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National American University Online
| Criminal Justice, A.A.S.
| Criminal Justice, B.S.

National American University Online - Criminal Justice at NAU helps students learn how to analytically evaluate, synthesize information, and use critical thinking skills to develop appropriate solutions for important criminal justice issues.
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Portland State University
| Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Portland State University - The online format of this program offers the same quality curriculum and learning experience as its campus-based counterpart. Students participate in dynamic courses that involve multimedia presentations, readings, discussion sessions, and other novel online assignments that promote community engagement.
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Rasmussen College
| AAS - Criminal Justice
| AS - Criminal Justice - Corrections
| AS - Criminal Justice - Homeland Security
| AS - Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement
| AS - Criminal Justice - Psychology

Rasmussen College - A criminal justice degree will open the door to many exciting careers in corrections, private security or criminal law. You may also choose to pursue a career in the human services areas of probation, juvenile justice and family services.
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SBBC Online
| Criminal Justice

SBBC Online - Santa Barbara Business College's Criminal Justice program is designed for those with interest in criminal justice classes as a way to obtain a career in criminal justice or security. As a multifaceted program of study, Criminal Justice students will be prepared for entry-level employment or advancement in law enforcement, corrections types of employment.
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South University
| AS - Criminal Justice
| BS - Criminal Justice - Corrections
| BS - Criminal Justice - Cyber Crime
| BS - Criminal Justice - Juvenile Justice
| BS - Criminal Justice in Law Enforcement
| MPA - Criminal Justice
| MS - Criminal Justice
| MS - Criminal Justice - Corrections
| MS - Criminal Justice - Homeland Security
| MS - Criminal Justice - Cyber Crime

South University - The influence of technology and the changing face of crime have magnified the need for criminal justice specialists. Through the South University online Bachelor/Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice program, you can help meet this need.
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Strayer University Online
| Associate in Arts in Criminal Justice
| B.S. in Criminal Justice - Computer Security and Forensics
| B.S. in Criminal Justice - Criminal Justice Administration
| B.S. in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security and Emergency Management
| B.S. in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Technology

Strayer University Online - This is your pathway to a career in Criminal Justice. If you are seeking a relevant and up-to-date foundation in Criminal Justice, Strayer University offers for you. You'll explore juvenile and adult crime prevention, adjudication and corrections while gaining important insight into the variety of career paths in this field.
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University of Cincinnati Online
| MS - Criminal Justice
| MS - Criminal Justice (1 Year)

University of Cincinnati Online - The University of Cincinnati is the only Top 3 Criminal Justice School with an Online Master's Degree. This program fits within your busy schedule, letting you complete your degree in as little as two years.
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University of Phoenix Online
| Associate of Arts: Criminal Justice
| Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice

University of Phoenix Online - If you want to enhance your academic background while keeping your commitments at work, you can earn an online criminal justice degree from University of Phoenix and sooner than you might think.
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Virginia College
| Criminal Justice - Associate's Degree
| Criminal Justice - Bachelor's Degree
| Criminal Justice - Master's Degree

Virginia College - The new Criminal Justice Program at Virginia College is where technology meets law enforcement. It is the criminal justice training that meets the law enforcement training needs for the future of this dynamic field.
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Walden University
| BS Criminal Justice - Computer Info/Security
| BS Criminal Justice - Crime and Criminals
| BS Criminal Justice - Homeland Security
| BS Criminal Justice - Human Services
| BS in Criminal Justice - Criminal Justice Management and Administration
| M.S. in Criminal Justice Leadership and Executive Management
| M.S. in Criminal Justice

Walden University - Walden University's new B.S. in Criminal Justice program is designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge to prepare for a career in law enforcement, the justice system, corrections, homeland security, and social services.
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Westwood College Online
| BS - Criminal Justice

Westwood College Online - If so, a bachelor's degree in criminal justice will prepare you with the skills you'll need to put your beliefs into action. In this program, you'll develop social awareness, a strong knowledge base and the technological skills required to succeed in an entry-level position in today's criminal justice environment.
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