Online Human Resource Degree

Abilene Christian University
| Master of Science in Organizational &
  Human Resource Development

Abilene Christian University - Abilene Christian University's Master of Science in Organizational & Human Resource Development (O.H.R.D.) Online Program is designed for students interested in becoming decision makers skilled in critical thinking, strategic planning, conflict resolution and an appreciation for diversity.
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American InterContinental University
| Associate of Arts in Business
  Administration - Human Resources
| Bachelor of Business Administration -
  Human Resource Management
| MBA - Human Resource Management

American InterContinental University - Human Resources gives students the training necessary to prepare for a career in Human Resource administration. Program focuses on recruitment,election, team dynamics, compensation, benefits, records management, incentive plans and employee benefit programs.
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Amridge University
| BS in Human Resource Leadership

Amridge University - The Human Resource Leadership program concentrates on enhancing human effort, human relationships, and human leadership with the focus on maintaining, securing, and effectively working with those who make up the organization.
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Ashford University
| BA/Human Resource Mgmt
| BA/Social Science - Human Resources    Mgmt
| MBA/Human Resources Mgmt

Ashford University - The Human Resources Management Concentration is your opportunity to explore how the Human Resources function can thrive within organizations, while crafting a solid hiring strategy to recruit the best talent, as well as the ever-changing legal requirements that influence the HR decision-making process.
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Capella University Online
| BS - Human Resource Management
| PhD - Human Resource Management

Capella University Online - This Human Resource Management bachelor's specialization, offers a strong background in human resource functions, including compensation and benefits management, recruiting and retention, employee development, and labor relations.
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Colorado Technical University Online
| BS in Business Administration - Human
  Resource Management
| MBA - Human Resource Management

Colorado Technical University Online - Students earn two CTU Academic as they work towards the completion of the MBA in Human Resource Management. Professional human resource management is increasingly vital to bottom-line corporate success.
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National American University Online
| Business Administration emphasis in
  Human Resource Management, B.S.
| Master of Management with emphasis
  in Human Resources Management
| MBA with emphasis in Human
  Resources Management

National American University Online - NAU online education is a great fit for busy adults. They offer Human resources managers are becoming an integral part of every industry's operation and success.
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South University
| MBA - Human Resources Management

South University - This program includes a strategic development and implementation capstone course where students have a chance to develop an understanding of how general managers formulate and implement business level and corporate level strategies.
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Strayer University Online
| BBA - Human Resource Management
| Executive Graduate Certificate in Business Administration - Human Resource Management
| MBA - Human Resource Management

Strayer University Online - The Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management degree program from Strayer University Online prepares its students for positions as mid- to upper-level managers in businesses or human resource departments.
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University of Phoenix Online
| BS: Business/HR Management
| Graduate HR Management Certificate
| HR Management Certificate
| MBA: Human Resources Management
| Master of Manag-: HR Management

University of Phoenix Online - The Human Resource Management Concentration helps students develop an understanding of the fundamentals of human resource management and its strategic relevance in business. The concentration addresses the legal and ethical components of the decision making process involved in the human resources environment.
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Virginia College
| Business: HR Management

Virginia College - The Human Resource Management program is designed to prepare human resource professionals to deal with the complexities and challenges of managing today's workforce. The courses show you how to help in the professional development of men and women in the field of human resources.
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Walden University
| B.S. in Business Administration - Human Resource Management
| M.B.A. - Human Resource Management
| M.S. in Human Resources Management - Functional Human Resource Management
| M.S. in Leadership - Human Resources Leadership
| M.S. in Management - Human Resource Management
| Ph.D. in Management - Human Resource Management (Course-Based)

Walden University - In the Ph.D. in Human Services program one of the largest of its kind you'll be part of a community of professionals devoted to making a difference. You'll focus on applying action-oriented research to your practical expertise so that you can better assess, modify, and develop cutting-edge public and private services.
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Benedictine University Online
| BAM - Human Resources
| BOAL - Human Resource

Benedictine University Online - Benedictine University is a traditional, not-for-profit institution offering bachelor's degrees in management. Our professors have real-world experience to help you achieve real-world success.
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DeVry University Online
| BBA - Human Resource Management

DeVry University Online - The Bachelor in Business Administration - Human Resource Management degree program enables students to learn how to effectively carry out human resource functions such as personnel training and compensation and benefits.
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Kaplan University Online
| B.S. in Business Administration - Human Resources
| M.B.A. in Human Resources
| M.S. in Management - Human Resources

Kaplan University Online - This graduate-level degree is designed to prepare students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to pursue mid- to senior-level positions in the field of accounting.
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Post University Online
| Certificate - Human Resource Mgmt

Post University Online - The online HRM certification program was designed to offer its students a flexible and convenient method in which they are able to study a variety of topics related to the field, such as presenting, analyzing, and discussing the specific functions of an organization's Human Resources Department.
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Rasmussen College
| AAS - Human Resource Mgmt
| BS - Human Resources

Rasmussen College - Our Business Management Bachelor's or Associate's degree with a Human Resources specialization prepares you to lead and manage employee development, initiatives, and benefits in any industry through critical-thinking, problem-solving, and team building projects designed to simulate actual business environments.
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